Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is one that corners on risk management. Our process balances investment opportunities across geographies and among a wide range of asset classes. We have no mandates to stay fully invested in the market, thus we can make technical shifts in client¹s portfolios to capitalize on current investment opportunities.

In addition, Black Oak Wealth Management will invest alongside our clients to demonstrate our confidence in and commitment to our strategies.

Thinking out of the box

Black Oak Wealth Management prides itself on thinking differently. We stress creativity and imagination in everything we do. While we recognize that the buy and hold strategy had its place, we constantly strive to find better ideas that take advantage of the ever evolving markets.

We view markets as environments of opportunity. Whether you are in a raging bull market or a slumping bear market, there is always someone making money. Being flexible allows you to make smart investment decisions.

Investing2 is the idea that before you get into any investment you have a frame work how you are going to get out. Markets are not static, and entry and exit points can change. We monitor the market and make changes accordingly to maximize gains and limit losses.

Our investment ideas are based on strategic, fundamental, and technical indicators. We implement a proprietary alpha indexing strategy that marries individual stocks selection with strategic ETF allocation.

It’s not just about time in the market. It’s about monitoring the market and making smart decisions.


Our investment ideas are based on strategic, fundamental, and technical indicators.
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