1. Who needs an Investment Advisor?
In our opinion: everyone. Everyone needs good ideas. The key is not letting the emotions get the best of your investments. As a trusted partner, Black Oak Wealth Management will focus on what is best for the client, regardless of product.

2. Is there a long-term contractual obligation for Black Oak Wealth Management services or any funds I invest in?
No. Black Oak Wealth Management requires written notice for termination of service. The investments we utilize for our clients can be sold without penalty or deferred sales charges.

3. Who holds my assets? Can I get to them?
thinkorswim is the independent third-party custodian Black Oak Wealth Management employs to safeguard our clients' assets. We act on the behalf of the client to manage the assets and implement appropriate strategies.

4. Who is thinkorswim?
thinkorswim Group Inc., formerly Investools Inc., operates in two segments: Brokerage Services and Investor Education. The Company offers online brokerage, investor education and brokerage and related financial products and services. It’s Brokerage Services segment includes thinkorswim, Inc., the Company’s online brokerage provides a suite of trading platforms serving self-directed and institutional traders and money managers. The Company’s customers trade a range of products, including stock and stock options, index options, futures and futures options, mutual funds and fixed income. Its Investor Education segment offers a range of investor education products and services that provide learning in a variety of interactive delivery formats. Its educational products and services cover a range of financial products, including equity securities, options, fixed income, index products, futures, other derivatives and foreign exchange.

5. How do I access my account?
You may access your account several ways; via the web at or via the different software platforms available for download. In addition, thinkorswim sends statements electronically or by US mail on a monthly basis.

As a trusted partner, Black Oak Wealth Management will focus on what is best for the client.
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